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Clean Tech Technology

We care about the health of our planet, we believe in working
with you to solve waste challenges in a responsible way.


Pharmaceutical waste management is an important part in pharmaceutical industries. Wastes are the unwanted materials which can no longer be used in the manufacturing processes that can eventually turn into hazardous or non-hazardous material, to humans/environment therefore it has to be discarded immediately, else may cause serious health related problems in human. Wastes should else be recycled to another useful products.

Wastes may be of different forms like sewage, sludge, wastes from manufacturing activities, packaging items, discarded cars, old televisions, garden waste, old paint containers etc. Thus, daily activities may give rise to a large variety of different wastes arising from different sources and to discard it. SEPL plays a vital role right from the pickup of the waste material till the issuing of destruction certificate and this entire process we named as Clean tech Technology.

SEPL is known as “The Pharma Logistics Service Provider” in the country providing all
solutions to our customers in one umbrella . We have a tie up for disposal of waste material
which is a Govt approved Service Provider since 2001 following 100% of compliance .

Capabilities and Commitment for your peace of mind

Clean tech plant bases at Hapur and Hubli are well equipped with

  • Semi-Automatic Dual Chambered Incinerators
  • PLC Control Autoclave
  • Shredder
  • Air Pollution Control System


  • Declaration letter ( No commercial value)
  • Details of material
  • Weight bridge slip
  • Delivery Challan
  • Details of material
  • “Certificate OF Destruction” for your material .

Our Process